Frow Resource

What is Frow Resource? What are the values of Frow Resource? Why was Frow Resource created? What’s Frow Resource’s plan? What has happened up to now? Why a local initiative when the council deals with waste?

Historic plan to purchase 'Old Tip' site - no longer active

Is Frow Resource financially sustainable? Why does the Parish Council need to buy the site? Will the Parish Council be funding the site? Will there be a charge for using the site? Why will there be a charge when the site was previously free? Will the re-opened Recycling Site be the same as the old tip site? Why choose a limited range of materials for waste collection? Will resident's council tax change? What happens if the venture fails? Who are we partnering with? What will FrowResource do that any of the other large recycling and waste management companies can't do? What are the Has ESCC rejected the community bid for the 'old tip site'?

Second Life Community Shop

What is Second Life Community Shop? Why hire managers when Second Life could be run with volunteers? Why should I support Second Life?