Welcome to FRowResource

FRowResource is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company created to support the community of Forest Row in achieving zero-waste by using visionary yet tried and tested progressive recycling strategies to rethink our consumption, our relationship with things we no longer need and our relationship with the planet.

The critical aims of this venture for the community:

  • To create a zero-waste community
  • To create local employment and apprenticeships
  • To provide financial support to local initiatives in the village, in particular, re-use, recycling, repair and up-cycling activities
  • To contribute to the village retail and community life.

We have found a great shop premises, signed the lease and now we are preparing to open the shop to take donations, then resell, reuse or recycle all the precious items that still have life in them. The shop will employ two members of staff, and become a hub for a range of activities that help us drive towards being a zero waste village.

Most important is our serch for the right people starting with the shop manager vacancy, details here, and some extra special donations we are looking for to open up see here.

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