About us

Welcome to FRowResource. FRowResource is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company created to support the community of Forest Row in achieving zero-waste by using visionary yet tried and tested progressive recycling strategies to rethink our consumption, our relationship with things we no longer need and our relationship with the planet.

Simply put FRowResource will collect specific types of unwanted material and will promote entrepreneurial and educational activities to support the reduction, recycling, recovering, up-cycling, re-using, repairing and re-gifting of unwanted materials that have not yet reached their end of life and can be usable in some form.  

For the village, FRowResource will fill most of the gap left by the tip closure, enable residents to responsibly remove unwanted materials that have probably been accumulating in their homes, by giving them a local option for managing unwanted materials.

Additionally, the inclusion of a community shop will fill the gap left by the closure of the very successful Charity Shop in the village.  

FRowResource will lead by example to create a community where residents will not only tread lightly with their waste footprint, develop skills and opportunities in the village and also promote the wellbeing of the planet through their enterprise.  

By learning from others already on this journey FrowResource will strive to become a leader that promotes its success and offers its model for replication in other communities both nationally and internationally.  

The critical aims of this venture for the community:

  • To create a zero-waste community
  • To create local employment and apprenticeships
  • To provide financial support to local initiatives in the village, in particular, re-use, recycling, repair and up-cycling activities
  • To contribute to the village retail and community life.

The volunteer Directors of Frow Resource comprises Kate Taylor-Smith, Patricia Patterson-Vanegas, Lin Squires,  and Phil Rogers.

To contact Frow Resource please email admin@frowresource.org.uk

Company number: 13199119