How do residents feel about re-opening a recycling centre?

Thursday 14th October 2021

How do residents feel about re-opening a recycling centre?

All these vox pops are from the community gathering on Forest Row village green, to demonstrate support of Frow ReSource’s vision to bring back the village Recycling Centre and move towards a zero waste local economy



Esme Millfleet, age 11, Chailey School - I think it’s important that Forest Row has a tip, because we can buy whatever we want and reuse things, and save the planet locally”


Eva Davies, Parish Councillor - This is the only way we can live nowadays, we cannot allow any waste to pile up and destroy the planet; we need to turn it round and round and reuse it... Also it employs so many people to get involved in fixing things - people love fixing things! We have a repair cafe here, but we hope to extend it to proper workshops, so that when people bring broken chairs or bicycles we can actually do something with them.”


Kate Valentine, nurse and choir leader - I am interested in learning through this recycling centre. I think there are a lot of people up for a zero waste Forest Row,  where myself, and more importantly my children, can learn about how this works and how to model it for future generations. 


Lin Squires - Just seems a bit of a no-brainer to me. Everybody wins if we can reopen this site. Our village gets to reuse all its waste stuff, people get to meet properly again, and we save the planet! What’s to not like?!


Jimena Paratcha - We miss the tip we had and now we have the opportunity to have something even better with Frow ReSource. As a village, we can pioneer and be a model for every village in this nation and expand that into the world… Please let’s make this happen. It’s going to be such a good thing!


Chris Packe - I miss the tip! I used to turn up at the tip with waste and things to put in the shop, and I used to meet people. I had a pick up truck, so soon I was going back to people’s homes and bringing more stuff for them… It was a real hub, it really did bring people together.  Plus, with all the effort and thought that’s gone into it, it could actually begin some of these ideas of circular recycling and zero waste - ideas that need to be put into practice, and not just spoken about. We need somewhere to do it, to start small and let it take shape…


Adam Carol - The most important thing at the moment is the environment, and there’s no doubt about it, a recycling centre for Forest Row is good for the environment. This is a time not to be thinking about money and profits. Recycling is one of the best things we can do to avoid waste and make sure we don’t unnecessarily manufacture.